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Hydro Gel Screen Protectors 

Hydro Gel Screen Protectors are a great way to protect you phone

  • Ultra-durable hydrogel screen protector

  • Heals minor cuts and scuffs within 24 hours

  • Oleophobic coating prevents smudges and fingerprints

  • Precise cutouts for full screen protection

  • Ultra-thin profile for 100% touchscreen responsiveness

our Hydro Gel Protectors cost $15 each. 

Sunshine Vinyls 

Sunshine Vinyls are a new fun way to update your phone, the vinyl back will also protect

the backing/ Glass of the phone.  the price for a Sunshine Vinyl protector is $15. 

Laser machine 

we have a top of the line laser machine to remove the back glass screens on your iPhones, Price Dependent on


Hydrogel Screen Protectors 

Sunshine Vinyls 

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